7 Tips For A Great Solar System

With an operational life of 25+ years, it makes sense to spend a little on time understanding your solar investment.

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1. Check your roof
There is a daunting choice of solar panels and inverters available today but considering available roof space, the direction of your roof, the inclination of your roof, and shading is a good first step to narrow down the best solar system for you.

2. Gather Information
Understand the feed-in tariffs your local electricity retailers are offering for excess electricity exported back to the grid.

3. Research solar panels
Visually panel brands look similar but there are huge differences in performance, design, build quality, componentry, and the life expectancy of panels. The key consideration in selecting panels is not the upfront cost, but how long they will last as this has the biggest impact on the total solar power generated and the savings made.

4. Find the correct partner for your solar project
Obtain installation quotes from a few companies to compare equipment and costs. A good solar company will be looking for information on your roof and household power usage. They will tend to ask questions, understand your needs, and consider your roof/shading in detail before offering solar packages.

5. Choose your solar panels & inverter solution
You may not intend to stay in your house for 25+ years but purchasing a recognized brand of quality panels will likely add value to your property, be a feature when selling, give you and future owners long-term security, peace of mind, and not least deliver many tens of thousands of rupees worth of power savings over 25 years. The key consideration in selecting panels is not the upfront cost, but how long they will last and perform.

6. Buy with confidence
Purchasing a quality solar power system is one of the best practical decisions you can make both financially and for the planet. There is no rush, but the sooner you go solar the sooner your electricity bill will fall.

7. Maintenance
After purchasing the solar power system, the only maintenance it requires is cleaning at regular intervals to harness the maximum efficiency in power generation.