Cleaning hacks from the best solar energy company in Rajkot!

Congratulations on opting for the best solar panel company! Now that you have a solar power plant at your home, you have already taken the first step towards saving money as well as contributing your bit to society. But wait, what if I told you that you could increase the savings and power generation by a jaw-dropping 23%? Curious already? Read on.

Cleaning and maintenance can increase the life of any product and give a smoother, more efficient, and happier experience of the product, including solar panels. As the best solar service company, we would like to share with you about how to get the most out of your latest solar plant. Maintenance, and especially cleaning is the key here. We know that you would already be cleaning it at regular intervals, and we cannot be happier to know that. However, the frequency of cleaning can make a huge difference. Research shows that if we clean the power panels once in a week, we can generate 23% more electricity and improve the performance of our panels! Yes, you read it right. Just cleaning once a week would improve the performance significantly and make your panel more powerful. Any and every solar AMC company would strongly agree with this.

You might be wondering about how and why is once in a week the ideal number and not once in a month or once in a fortnight. The answer to this question is simple and basic; solar panels work by collecting energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. India is blessed to have a good summer. And you are blessed to be associated with the best solar service company! However, dust and sand is extremely common in India and so is smog and smoke. The collection of dust covers the panels and prevents them from generating electricity very efficiently. Hence, the more frequent the cleaning is, the better the generation of electricity.

It is a great idea to simply clean your panels once a week. You do not need any extensive resources or chemicals to do this. Simply use a microfiber cloth and clean it properly. Please make sure that you clean it before 8 am or after 6 pm or you might end up damaging the panel.

Yes. This is a simple hack to ensure better performance from your panels. Start cleaning the panel weekly and see the magic!

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