Renevik | Best Solar Company in Rajkot

Who we are

A vision of healthier planet fuels our passion. We are, your go-to place for solar power solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and high-quality products, and more importantly, a “Greenergetic” company culture. We hope you connect with us and share the Renevik with happiness, joy, and fervour.

Whether you’re an environmentalist or a responsible citizen willing to lead a sustainable life, let us connect over a cup of ‘green’ tea!

Meet our founders

Our team is a family of professionals bound by the vision and ethics of Renevik. We celebrate and embrace diversity. We believe that this sows the seed for an inspiring culture and delivering greatness is the result of it.

Saket Arya

Saket is our Chief Executive Officer. He sets the operations vision, growth initiatives, and financial performance objectives for the company.

Saket sees solar power as an opportunity to harness India’s vast solar-energy potential in our fight against climate change to balance economic growth with sustainability. Saket keenly monitors the state of the world markets and likes to take a breather with a game of squash.

Rashi Arya

Rashi serves as our Chief Operations Officer. She is responsible for operationalizing strategy, driving our vision, and providing leadership that promotes safe, reliable execution, driving operating efficiency. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Business Management from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

Rashi is determined to build energy-efficient infrastructure to pave the way for society to adopt sustainability.

Core values

At, our core values are not just words but our way of life at work. They are not just central to everything we do but they are our guiding light, our bedrock. Be it communicating with our customers, or interacting with our employees or bonding with our vendors, our core values make us a great first, company later. And that’s how we are different than the rest:


This team is our on-field team that makes sure that the installation takes place in the swiftest, safest, and in the most effective manner. Apart from that, they also put their efforts to make the product better every passing day. They are the executors of our ideas and mission and the spine of our company.

We believe that customers are our best assets and our customer service team puts in their best efforts to make sure each customer is satisfied and fully happy with the product. We think that our customer service is the best friend of the customer and the customer can tell us anything- good or bad through them.

Additionally, solar installation can be a challenging and confusing process. This process is made seamless and transparent by our customer service team which handholds each customer from the beginning to the end. In fact, we also encourage customers to give us timely feedback so that our product gets better and so does their experience.

Our accounts and admin team thrives to manage every aspect of the organisation. Be it money matters or managing resources, the accounts and admin does the task with fervour and full enthusiasm. They also strive to make sure that each penny spent is utilised effectively and with full planning.

The Stores & Logistics teams are instrumental in maintaining the inventory and even helping with superfast deliveries of the required materials. Unlike the competition where materials are procured only after a project is assigned, our team works smartly to ensure we have enough stock available in-house to facilitate all the ongoing projects.

Even though we are solar solutions providers, our DNA lies in technology. Right from getting orders online to designing to inventory management to project management, we strongly rely on technology. Our team has created a robust IT infrastructure to help us live up to the promise of superfast delivery.

The marketing team is always on its toes for taking up every challenge coming their way. They help amplify our efforts to the world and are constantly working on strategies to spread the word about our services.