Fixed Solar Price: No Discrimination!

Want to get solar installed? Waiting for the festivals? For discounts and for prices to drop? Well, now you don’t need to, because we give you our best price each and every single day! Yes, Renevik, the best solar energy company in Rajkot has a unique Fixed Price policy. Now, what is our fixed price policy? Don’t worry, we will give you all the details about it in this blog.

No Discrimination

It simply means no discrimination! We want to give everyone the best price no matter how big or small the project. Not a penny extra, nor a penny less! No discounts, no side deals. We believe in transparency and that is why we even have proprietary ERP software to share all the details with our customers.

This means that now you don’t have to postpone getting solar, unlike other companies, we will not play with your emotions. Whether you place an order on Diwali or any other random day of the year, we will give you the best price: our fixed price.


Economic conditions keep fluctuating leading to volatility in raw material prices, and solar companies often adjust the prices accordingly. We, at Renevik still give you the best possible rates despite massive rises in raw material prices. It is our deliverables that make us the best solar service company and not our claims. With inflation, your fuel prices and electricity bills might go up but we will still install the solar at your place at the best possible rates. Can it get better? You will save not just money but our beloved planet earth with one single decision of yours! How amazing!

Fixed Solar Price Pros and Cons


  • Same price for everyone
  • Can place an order anytime
  • Best prices around the year
  • No need to wait
  • Best service at the best price
  • All clients are given equal importance
  • Ease of mind
  • Strong trust between the customer and Renevik


  • No psychological satisfaction
  • No festive schemes
  • No discounts

Our policy aligns with our ‘customer first’ ethos. We prioritise the customer and give them prices honestly without psychologically tricking them by first quoting higher and then offering a discount. We feel our customers are mature enough to realise that Renevik is without a doubt the best solar EPC company in Rajkot.

We also want to free you from the bond of having to mentally calculate and worry about festive dates and discount rates. At Renevik, we want to give you a worry-free experience where you cant get solar without any tension, with complete ease of mind.


Our goal is to save the planet, and we want to encourage you to do that too. We don’t want anyone to wait even for a moment in this mission of saving our planet, nor do we want any of our customers to get better or worse deals than another customer. Our fixed price policy is an attempt at bringing equality and expediting the process of saving Earth. We are doing our part by keeping solar installations affordable for you, are you doing your part? Get solar today! Renevik is one of the rare companies that follows such a no-discrimination policy, which makes us the best solar energy company in Rajkot.