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We live to save time & environment
Why Solar?

Saves Earth

Congratulations! You have already shown a vision for a better earth by coming here! We at Renevik are here to work on the unified vision of a greener Earth and reviving Mother Nature. Switching to solar power is the best way to save earth as it reduces GHG emissions, carbon footprint, and also saves money!

Looks Good

Let us admit it. Solar Panels intervene with the original aesthetics when installed on the roof. We have solved this problem by giving you an aesthetic design experience. We make the panels a part of the structure in a seamless and non-intrusive way. We are here to help you in the journey from the initial recce to the switching on of Solar Power. Our process exudes perfection at every step.

Makes Money

You must be thinking about the returns on the investment of the solar plant. When you install a solar power plant, think of it as a cost-effective factory on your rooftop. They can give you a return rate of up to 35%! These long-term assets can give returns for the next 25-30 years!

When you opt for solar power, you save money and help society go green one rooftop at a time.


We believe in walking together with the customer in this journey of switching to Solar Power.

Our key ideology is to make sure that we go the extra mile for the customer and the customer is so pleased with our ideas and service that they vouch for us. And then, our customers become our brand ambassadors who help us spread the word.

We make sure that we provide speedy service and we start the project installation in one week after government approval.

Zainab Bharmal

G-51, The experience and service was quite excellent. I would recommend Greenergee everyone who is looking to install solar rooftop and go green.

Viral Sankhavara

G-02, Structure, material quality best, Installation is robust, periodically checks quality of work after installation, guides well according to the location and situations.

Kratin Chandnani

I have personally done business with them and extremely pleased with the services provided by the Greenergee Team. One stop solution for all your Solar needs. Extremely Happy and satisfied with their work. Would recommend.

Jaimin Pandya

Today our solar system got started because of fast installation and best service G-39.