Solar Panels for residential societies: A detailed case study

Are you wondering why so many flats and societies have started getting solar? Well, it’s no brainer actually. Today we will take you through a detailed case study to help you understand the economics behind solar panels for residential apartments.

Note: This case study is based on an actual solar installation done by Renevik, the best solar energy company in Rajkot. In this case study, we take a look at the problem faced by Tirth Apartments in Rajkot and how the best solar company helped them overcome the challenge.

Residential Societies and Maintenance: The Problem

Residential societies have huge monthly maintenance costs. So they usually tend to collect lifetime maintenance funds from each member and deposit them in the bank. The interest generated from it helps cover those monthly expenses. However, with rising prices and falling interest rates, many societies struggle to meet their monthly expense figures. What happens next?

The answer is simple – they have to start cutting costs. But where do they start?

The most obvious place to start is with the maintenance staff. Societies usually try to cut costs by reducing the number of staff members or by asking them to work fewer hours. This can lead to a risk on the security front, which can be alarming for residents.

Another way societies cut costs is by reducing the number of amenities they offer. This can be a problem for residents as well, as they may no longer have access to the things they need and want.

Tirth Apartments

The problem faced by Tirth Apartments was not new. A lot of societies are already crumbling under the burden of maintenance. Despite having an FD of over Rs. One Crore, they were running a shortage of maintenance. If this went on, every society member would have to start paying an additional maintenance amount each month. Being the best solar energy company in Rajkot, this was unacceptable to us. Let’s first understand the entire scenario.

Solar panel installation: The solution

We sat down with the members of Tirth Apartment to understand their situation. Then, as a responsible Solar energy company, we discussed the various possibilities. To give them a better insight, we also shared the best solar practices with them. After they were onboard with the idea of solar installation, we started giving them concrete figures to assure them. We ran a detailed analysis, to come up with a custom solution for their needs. Want to know what that was? Here is our solution:


In today’s time, maintenance costs are shooting up for all housing societies and apartments. And the reason behind this is not the increasing number of amenities. The reason is simply the rising prices of electricity. Societies and apartments have a lot of common electricity usage which gradually becomes a burden on the expenses. We want societies to spend on getting additional amenities rather than paying exuberant amounts on their electricity bill. This is precisely why we collaborated with Tirth Apartments to provide them with the best solar solutions. Societies across India are getting solar to help overcome the maintenance challenges.

And as expected, Tirth Apartments immediately saw a change. Solar has given a new lease of life to Tirth Apartments. Their maintenance costs have fallen and savings are rising with each day. It is our mission to bring the best solar solutions to each and every residential society and apartment.

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