Which is the best Solar service company in Rajkot?

Which is the best solar energy company in Rajkot? Why choose Renevik? These might seem like two separate questions, but they are really answers to each other. Renevik is the best solar energy company in Rajkot.

best solar company in rajkot

With solar panels becoming popular lately, many players have nationally and locally jumped into this field, but rarely anyone is able to give commitment and quality. With so many options available today, why should you still stick to Renevik? 

A lot of players might happily claim the tag of being the best solar panel company, best solar EPC company, or even best solar service company, but they are unable to stand by it when it comes to delivering on these promises. This is precisely why you should trust Renevik. We understand your difficulties, and solar energy is not just business for us but our passion. Saving Earth is our mega partnership project with all our customers. In this article, we will take you through the points that make us stand apart in this industry and the market.

Best-in-class Service

We love to go the extra mile to get you the best quality of service. We focus on satisfying our customers 100% of the time because each customer matters equally to us. We have established a few systems that help us stand out when it comes to service.

5 highlights of our service offerings:

  1. Measurement accuracy 
  2. ERP
  3. Supafast
  4. Support
  5. No discrimination


Solar Measurement accuracy: Our measurement accuracy is of higher quality than any other brand because we do not measure your premise in meters with traditional measure tapes, yes you read that right. We generate 3D measurements of the terrace using the latest Lidar technology. 

Solar ERP: To keep you updated about each and every step we have our solid tracking system. Over here we update the progress of your installation on a regular basis. Our proprietary ERP system is used to ensure seamless service and quality. 

Solar Supafast: We don’t like to make you wait, so to make the whole process very easy and quick for you we promise Supafast service at Renevik. We have in-house engineers, installers, logistics, warehouses and an effective admin for rapid turnaround time. This helps us become the one-stop shop for all your solar needs, hence the best solar energy company in Rajkot. 

Solar Support: We won’t put you through troublesome processes after installation, we strongly believe in after-sales service as well. The IoT tracking ensures immediate warranty claim assistance and very smooth service for any other issues as well.

No discrimination: We do not discriminate by favouring any customer over another. We have a strong “One price for everyone!” policy, not a penny extra from anyone. 
We are relentless in delivering on our commitment to improving our service. We have tried to address the pain points that customers usually face during their solar installation process. Once you trust Renevik with your solar installation, the entire process becomes our responsibility.

Do you feel confident enough to choose Renevik now? We have a lot more to offer to you, contact us or visit our website to find out more.


  1. Where can I get to know more about Renevik?

We have successfully executed several projects, you can read about them and know more about Renevik plus our services on our website. Or you can also simply drop your information with us and we will contact you soon. 

  1. Is Renevik better than other brands?

What we promise and offer to you is unique, no brand would be able to match the standard set by Renevik when it comes to solar installation. You can rest assured that when you are trusting Renevik, you are trusting the best solar energy company in Rajkot.

  1. What are the unique features of Renevik?

As the blog mentions in detail, Renevik has some unique offerings when it comes to service, they are: Measurement accuracy, ERP, Supafast, Support, and No discrimination.


If service matters to you, Renevik should satisfy you fully. Renevik is one of the rare companies that is currently offering a top-class combination of best service as well as product. This blog focuses on the service aspects, in upcoming blogs you shall also read about how Renevik’s product offering is also superior to most other brands in the market. 

Solar installations last for a long period so service is a very crucial element that you should focus on while making your choice. You should only go with a company that you trust, a company that will stand by you even years after they have done the installation at your place. 

Renevik is consumer-oriented in its approach, our aim is to save the planet with each project that we undertake. Join us on this mission of creating a better future for all!