Get solar for fuel stations

Can fuel stations run on solar power? Is solar good for fuel stations? If you are considering solar for fuel stations, you have come to the right place. The best solar company in Rajkot for solar installation at fuel stations is undoubtedly Renevik. We understand the functioning of a fuel station and the economics of a fuel station. This helps us get into the nitty-gritty and give you the best possible solar solutions.

Fuel stations consume a whole lot of electricity; all the filling machines, the convenience shops, the CCTVs, the motors to fill the fuel in the storage tank, bright lights for the night, and the list just goes on. India has more than 58,000 fuel stations across the country, imagine the amount of power consumed by all of them! And the fuel station needs power for all these facilities round the clock, in the event of a power cut, everything comes to a halt.

In addition, every fuel station has a roof which lies completely unutilised. It takes the eye and vision of the best solar company in Rajkot to identify and address this. Renevik has come up with innovative solutions specifically for fuel stations to effortlessly install solar and start saving.

Now, for a moment, imagine how much they can contribute by turning to solar! This is the mission that Renevik has picked for itself. We want to make a major contribution towards saving our environment by incentivising the fuel stations to switch to solar.

Top 4 advantages of Solar at Fuel Stations:

  • Solar is Eco-friendly
  • Solar Savings
  • Solar Payback
  • Solar’s seamless power supply

One of the biggest incentives is to save the environment. Solar is highly eco-friendly as it is a renewable source of energy. Solar saves the environment and fuel stations are the perfect partners in this project of saving the environment. The extra and unutilised roof space can change the future of the world if used in a sensible way. This is why Renevik, the best solar company in Rajkot is pushing fuel stations to open up their rooftops for solar.

Solar savings can be a real and direct financial incentive to switch to solar. Fuel stations end up with gigantic electricity bills every month, and this takes a huge hit on the profits of the owner. If you want to put a stop to this and increase your profits from your fuel station, solar is just the right solution for you. You should call Renevik today to get a free site visit and consultation.

The solar payback period ensures that you get a return on your investment in very little time. This payback period will vary from project to project depending on the roof size and the size of the solar plant installed. However, it usually hardly takes a few years to recover the investment made on solar installation. As the best solar company in Rajkot, we can assure you that you will not only recover your investment in the first few years but also start saving and earning money from it.

Solar’s seamless power supply is especially crucial for fuel stations located in the outskirts or rural areas. These fuel stations are susceptible to power cuts which lead to loss of business. This can actually be avoided when you install solar. The energy generated by solar can keep up with power requirements even when the electricity might be out.

One of the biggest positive signals on top of all these advantages is that the government is taking initiatives to make all the state-owned companies’ fuel stations solar-powered. It is estimated that by 2024, all state-owned petroleum companies’ fuel stations will be solar-equipped.


  1. Which is the best solar company in Rajkot?

Renevik. We are the best solar company in Rajkot not because we claim so, it is our customers that have given us this title. And we are proud of it, we are capable of providing outstanding services that other companies may not be able to deliver.

  1. Can I get a free site visit to install solar at fuel station?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to come to talk to you and do a free site visit for you. All you have to do is fill up this form.

  1. Will Solar take up space at the fuel station?

No, solar can easily be installed on your unutilised roof. You won’t even notice the difference visually once the solar has been installed, because it would not intrude on any of your open space.


The solar installation allows you to keep saving as long as the sun shines. And fuel stations can harvest a lot of solar energy without making any extra effort. The physical structure of the fuel station is highly suitable for effortless installation as well as harvesting of solar.

Even the government is pushing the state-run companies to get solar at their fuel stations. In fact, the government might even achieve this target of installing solar at every such fuel station by 2024. There are several advantages as listed above. All of them are lucrative enough to get solar installed at the earliest. So then what are you waiting for? Contact Renevik today to increase profits from your fuel station!