Get Solar for Commercial space from the best solar company in Rajkot!

Is solar viable for commercial spaces? Should you get solar at your office? Well, if these questions have been on your mind lately, you have come to the right place to get some precise answers. 

Solar is perfectly compatible with commercial spaces. In fact, it might benefit you even more than it does in residential spaces. As the best solar company in Rajkot, Renevik has a lot of experience and insights into installing solar at commercial spaces.

Renevik has taken up diverse kinds of commercial spaces for its solar projects. These include fuel stations, offices, hotels, hostels, and so on. So no matter what your requirements are, we shall be able to serve you well.

Top 3 reasons to get solar in commercial space:

  • Solar Savings
  • Solar Surplus
  • Solar Rentals

Solar Savings: Solar savings is the biggest reason for you to opt for solar installation. Commercial spaces have a lot of electricity usage which leads to massive electricity bills. If you want to save up on those bills, solar can be the best solution for you.

Another important aspect here is that commercial spaces cannot afford to have interruptions in electricity supply, it could bring all the functioning to a standstill which would be highly undesirable. Renevik understands this and proposes uninterrupted green energy through solar! Savings from solar can also be used to further invest in the business and grow your business instead of spending that to pay the bills.

You should not have to worry about the hassle of installation because now you have Renevik, the best solar company in Rajkot at your service.

Solar Surplus: Solar surplus is when you start generating more solar power than you actually consume. This can be a big advantage of installing solar capacities that are equipped to meet your power demands and generate even more than that.

You can use this surplus in multiple ways. One simple way could be to get money or adjustment in upcoming bills. Another interesting way to utilise it could be setting up an electric charging station at your commercial property. This will make your property stand apart from several others which may not be suitable for charging electric vehicles as of yet. Solar companies in Rajkot are not proactively thinking about this, either due to lack of vision or resources, whereas Renevik has both.

Solar Rentals: Solar rental is a wonderful concept where you could simply rent out certain parts of your terrace to a property owner in the building. The solar energy generated from there can be used by that owner for their own electricity requirements.

Top 3 commercial spaces that should get solar:

  • Solar for Hotels
  • Solar for Hostels
  • Solar for Fuel Stations

Only the best companies in Rajkot would be able to execute bigger projects. Renevik has the capabilities to install solar not only at one hotel but an entire hotel chain. Hotels usually have massive terrace space which might lay unutilised. Hotels would also be consuming enormous amounts of electricity. Solar for Hotels could be a very good combination to start earning more from day one!

Solar for Hostels makes sense because the terrace is again hardly ever used. The hostel owners can make more money without having to charge the students extra. This could be a big win-win for everyone.

Fuel stations and solar are no less than a match made in heaven. Fuel stations always have a roof which is laying empty, even if one wanted to use it, there is just no way of utilising it, apart from getting solar. Even the government is actively pushing to bring this reform of installing solar at fuel stations. Renevik, as the best company in Rajkot, brings you highly specialised solutions to start earning beyond and above the commissions from fuels.


  1. Is solar suitable for smaller commercial spaces?

You should not worry about it, let Renevik give customised solutions for you. Solar can be installed at smaller and bigger offices with equal ease. Nevertheless, we will conduct a Free Site Survey to analyse and come up with the best possible solution to cater to your needs.

  1. Will solar generate enough energy for the entire building?

Yes! You can plan ahead and not only get a solar installation to meet your current power demand but also equip it to supply energy for your future requirements as well.

  1. Which is the best solar company in Rajkot for commercial installation?

Renevik. If you want a one-stop solution for all your solar needs, Renevik is the best solar company in Rajkot.


Without worrying about the nature of commercial space, you should realise one basic thing – solar brings savings! Solar is not only good for your pocket but it is also good for the health of our beloved planet.

With a rise in the usage of electricity and the per unit cost of electricity, it only makes sense to switch to solar. Savings is only one aspect, there are various other dimensions as well. With electric vehicles getting more popular by the day, commercial spaces will need to set up charging stations going ahead. And what better way to do it than solar?

Renevik has the experience and capability to set up solar at all kinds of commercial spaces. All you have to do is get in touch and we will provide you with customised solutions for your project.