Solar Subsidy for housing society?

Want to get Solar Panels installed in your housing society? Did you know you could get a Solar Subsidy in India for it? Let us guide you today then. 

Housing societies usually charge the members for maintenance to finance the common amenities. This fund is then deposited in the bank as a fixed deposit, to earn interest that can cover monthly costs. Now, in many cases, the expenses shoot up to such an extent that this interest is no more able to cover the costs of society. With no other option left, the committee has to take the decision of breaking their fixed deposit. This can be pretty heartbreaking for everyone as it brings several financial worries for the entire society. Do you want to get out of this trap of having to break your society’s fixed deposit? 

Renevik Solar is the answer to all your financial crunch and fixed deposit woes. We are the best solar energy company in Rajkot. Get Solar once and keep saving for an entire lifetime! You will no longer have to break your fixed deposit, in fact, you will start saving up even on the interest that you receive every month! You can use these savings to develop more facilities for the entire housing society.

Renevik can help you get the Solar Subsidy that you deserve. With several successful projects executed in past, we have now developed expertise in the arena of Solar Subsidy for housing society. Solar installations will save you a lot of money post installations. However, the exciting news is that you can start saving before installing solar in your society and this is through Solar Subsidy! Yes, once you contact Renevik to inquire about Solar, we might be able to tell you exactly how much you can save on your solar installation as well. 

This subsidy is provided directly by the Government of India to encourage the installation of solar panels. Renewable energy is the future and the government is actively supporting this through campaigns and through financial incentives as well.

We have quite a few case studies where societies have struggled under severe financial crunch due to massive bills. Once they opened themselves to solar, the whole scenario changed for them. All our case studies point toward how Solar Subsidy for housing society is an easy, beneficial, and life-saving opportunity for society. 

Top 3 reasons to choose Solar Subsidy for housing society:

  • Solar savings on installation
  • Solar savings on electricity bills
  • Solar savings in maintenance contributions

Solar savings on installation will bring down the cost to the society incurred initially when setting up solar. This will be due to the Solar Subsidy for housing society. We, at Renevik,  have made a promise to all our customers, which is that you will always get the best prices with the best solar company in Rajkot. Now, on top of the best prices, you also get subsidies to further make solar installation affordable. 

  • Your society’s electricity bills won’t look the same ever with solar. They will keep getting shorter and shorter. With the sun giving you natural and renewable energy, you will no longer have to rely on other sources of energy which are extremely polluting.
  • With solar savings increasing, your monthly and annual maintenance requirements will also come down drastically. Your society won’t be in shortage of funds anymore. This will benefit each and every member of the housing society.

You can even get your own solar panels as an individual by renting out certain spaces on the terrace of your society! So for you to get the benefit of solar savings, your society doesn’t necessarily need to have solar, you can get it just for yourself now.

So what is holding you back now? Get your society on board to get this exciting Solar Subsidy for housing society! Call Renevik today for a free site visit!


  1. Can societies get a free site visit?

YES! We offer free site visits for solar installations even to societies. All you have to do is call us or fill up an inquiry form.

  1. How will I benefit if my society installs solar?

You will have massive savings on your monthly/annual maintenance charges. This is largely because the cost of operating common amenities in society will itself come down.

  1. What if my society is not ready to install solar?

You can individually rent out some part of the terrace and get your personal solar installation done to start saving on your electricity bills.


With the inflation making everything around you expensive, it only makes sense to get a Solar Subsidy for housing society and start saving with solar installation. The right time is now, to save the planet Earth, as well as to save that fixed deposit of yours. 

There are multifold advantages for your housing society, solar can be the foundation stone towards securing a safe financial future for your society. So without taking much time, call Renevik today to rescue you.