Which company offers the best Solar product?

Which is the best solar energy company? Where can I get the best solar panel installation? If these questions have been on your mind lately, then you come to the right place for answers. Renevik is the best solar energy company in Rajkot. And you can get the most satisfactory installation with us. 

Solar panel installation companies usually do not sell any product per se, yet their product offering becomes extremely crucial. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we will explain it in detail to you because we are ourselves a solar panel installation company.

Though Renevik is not involved in manufacturing the products offered, it becomes our responsibility to choose the best products for you. This includes solar panels, waterproofing solutions, pipes, fire safety, clamps, and so much more! Renevik does not cut corners by compromising on any part, even the smallest of parts like the nut or the bolt is also given serious consideration before being finalised.

Best Solar Product:

  1. Solar Panel Bolting Speciality
  2. Solar Panel Roofing
  3. Solar Panel Low Light Performance
  4. Solar Panel Fire Safety

Solar Panel Bolting Speciality: No panel flying issues with the use of non-reversible U & Z clamps to hold panels tightly in place along with free insurance for the first year. We take pride in being the best solar EPC company which installs your panels very safely and securely

Solar Panel Waterproofing: Any and every solar AMC company will tell you this, water leakages can end up causing malfunction in your solar panel installations. So at Renevik, we have the technology to identify cracks in internal pipes without drilling, we use advanced chemicals to avoid any leakage. This ensures that your installation stays intact for a long time and remains unaffected by the changing seasons. 

Solar Panel Low light performance: People often have questions about this, they are worried about whether their solar panels will work in low light or in other seasons. To put an end to all these doubts, Renevik works with the best solar panel company and only uses products from widely trusted brands like Adani, Solis, Polycab, Pidilite (Fevicol), Bosch, APL Apollo, and many more.

Solar Panel Fire safety: Precaution is always better than being sorry later. We ensure that all our customers understand this. To make sure the installation is safe we use anti-insulation FRP cable trays and a fire extinguisher is attached to every site.

best solar company in rajkot

Several solar panel installation companies try to increase their profit by using sub-standard panels and other parts. Renevik has never believed in this, we understand that solar panels are a long-term installation, any mistake here can give out negative results later on. 

Unlike so many other companies, we provide long-term after-sales service as well. So we want to ensure that you don’t face any issues with your solar panels, and even if you do, we are here for you

Now is your time to take the first step towards getting solar for your place. With our extraordinary product offering and seamless services, you can’t use excuses anymore. 


  1. Which is the best solar energy company in Rajkot?

Renevik is the best solar energy company in Rajkot without a doubt. If you’re still wondering why you should read our previous blog which talks about our extraordinary service offerings

  1. What things should I be careful about when getting solar?

It is very important to select only the best solar energy company because that will reduce your burden. You should be careful about all the things like what kind of material is being used during installation, and what kind of customer support is being offered.

  1. Why should I choose Renevik?

You should check other companies’ service offerings and their product offerings in detail to get a better sense of things. You can compare it with Renevik’s offering and that shall be enough to convince you to choose Renevik.


Solar panels are the most important component of solar installation at your place. So getting the best solar panel company is a good idea, but there are so many other things that you might miss out on. And when you choose Renevik, we take care of everything. 

All solar energy companies are not the same, there are some minor details related to installation which are easy to miss out on. Hence, in this article, we tried to draw your attention to the extraordinary product offering of Renevik. Right from safety to durability to even the aesthetic aspect, our team puts thought behind everything to ensure only the best for you.