What factors are important to consider when planning to go solar?

Want to get solar for your place? Looking for the best solar energy company in Rajkot? There might be many things on your mind, and we will help you with them in this blog. So here are a few things coming directly from the best solar service company that you might want to consider while planning to get solar.

Solar installations are becoming necessary nowadays withing rising electricity bills. Most people realise this, but we have observed how in many cases some hesitations hold back the customers. This is why Renevik provides quick, effective, and quality solar installations. It has made the solar installation process quite easy, contrary to the popular notion that solar installation is a big deal, we make it as easy as a walk in the park for you. We also help you by guiding you during the initial consultation phase.

5 Factors to be considered while planning to go solar:

  • Solar capacity: Max capacity that can be fitted on the roof 
  • Solar suitability Type of roof (RCC or shed mounted) 
  • Solar maintenance: Cleaning provision 
  • Solar savings: Average unit consumption per month 
  • Solar future: Future load extension needed or not

Solar Capacity: Depending on the size of open space available on the premises, solar panels can be accommodated. So considering and planning this out should give you a good idea beforehand about how many panels will fit and how much power would it generate for you. 

Solar Suitability: Solar installations are suitable for all kinds of roofs and open spaces. However, depending on the roofing different treatment might be required. So analysing this gives you a sense of how the panels will be installed. This factor can also help you fine-tune the aesthetic whereby solar adds its charm and beauty to your premises. 

Solar Maintenance: Solar panels require very little maintenance. However, we strongly recommend our clients take good care of the installation through regular cleaning. So this factor should also be considered in the initial stage of planning. You can also opt to take service from a solar AMC company for smoother maintenance. 

Solar Savings: This is one of the most important factors to consider before getting your solar installation. You should sit down with your previous electricity bills to check your average consumption of units each month. This will help you understand your average requirement of units throughout the year. You can then plan the scale and size of your solar installation accordingly. 

Solar Future: Many users make the mistake of thinking about the present day only. At Renevik, we recommend that you think about the future as well and install panels beforehand or leave room for further installation for your future power requirements. This consideration will help you save a lot of money on installation costs.

Do you feel more confident about getting solar now? Renevik has now made solar installation quite simple and straightforward. Your search for the best solar EPC company ends right here with us. 


  1. When is the right time to get solar?

NOW! We have already polluted our planet a lot, and we are running behind schedule in saving it! Right now is the best time to get solar because Renevik offers you the best prices each and every single day so you don’t have to wait for the festivals or any special days to get good rates. Get solar and let your property shine bright! 

  1. Which is the best solar panel company?

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, then Renevik is the right way to go about installing your solar. We don’t want to push you into believing we are best just because we are ourselves saying so. All we ask from you is to contact us and have a chat with us, and then see how you feel about it.

  1. What all should be considered before getting solar installed?

Several things have been mentioned in this article regarding factors to be considered before getting solar installed. Once we get talking we can give you more specific details for your particular case. 


Getting solar is one of the best decisions you will make, for yourself and for the environment, trust us. We want to ensure a smooth and effortless transition for you and hence we bring these factors to your attention. You shouldn’t be hesitant or confused after knowing about these factors, we understand that you may not have answers or required conditions as per mentioned in this article. This is precisely why you should contact Renevik, we will help you throughout your solar journey, right from the first step onwards. 

The idea of this article is to empower you by imparting knowledge. Do not worry about anything, once you get in touch with us, everything mentioned in this article, all these factors become our headache. So why wait and why worry when you can have Renevik at your service? Contact us today!