How does solar affect my property value?

Thinking of getting solar? Looking for the best solar energy company in Rajkot? Worried how Solar will affect the property price? Well, you can stop biting your nail because we have a concrete answer for you. Read this entire article to get to know the relationship between the solar installation and property value. 

Usually, people tend to fear that getting solar installation might affect the value of their property in a negative way. This is one of the several hesitations that is keeping people from getting solar, especially when it comes to residential property. Let’s see if you should be worried about it or not.

So, do you ever worry before getting new tiles, paint, furniture or in general renovating your house? Never, right? In fact, you know it will definitely help boost the value of your property. Now,  sit for a moment to think why. The answer is simple, these changes add adding value to your house, they are either making the property more efficient or aesthetic. Now, let us tell you solar does both! Renevik’s solar installation will be a major value addition to your property, we are the best solar energy company in Rajkot. We ensure that our installation compliments the aesthetics of your property and does not damage it in any way. 

Top 3 reasons Solar will increase the value of your property:

Solar Savings

What does Solar do exactly? It generates power from the energy of the sun. This energy can be utilised by you to run your fridge, TV, washing machine, AC, and whatnot! Basically, you can use this energy for all your power needs. And how much do you pay for it? ZERO! Yes, you only pay for the initial installation and then you do not have monthly bills or charges as is the case with electricity that you currently might be using. So just imagine how much savings it can lead to! Even the maintenance required is quite minimal, and again, it is something that Renevik – the best solar service company – will take care of for you. 

Now can you see how it will be a big advantage? Anyone buying the property from you will incur drastically lower electricity bills which is a game changer in some cases. Instead of drawbacks, you will have added advantages and you are likely to get a higher price for your property on sale.

Solar Aesthetic 

Solar adds a really good charm to your property. With our experience and expertise, we recommend only the best placement of panels at your panels. This placement is optimised to harvest peak solar energy as well to ensure that your property looks even better with the installation in place. 

Enhance the looks of your property without any worries. Let your roof and future both shine as bright as the sun!

Solar Service by Renevik

Solar panels generally don’t require much maintenance or service. Nevertheless, it is crucial to get good service whenever required. Hence, we strongly recommend you not only go for the best solar EPC company but also for the best solar service company, which is your own Renevik!

We offer quick, accurate, and reliable service in response to all your queries. This is leading to more and more customers trusting us. So when your property is on sale, you can proudly claim that you have a solar installation on it, from the best solar energy company in Rajkot and that will help you stand out.


  1. How will Solar installation affect the value of my property?

Solar installation is likely to increase the value of your property, subject to several other factors, of course. Due to the prospect of higher savings and lower expenditures you are likely to fetch a better rate than the usual market rate for your property. 

  1. Will I have difficulty selling my property if I have Solar installed?

No. You should not be worried about this at all. Solar will not adversely affect the prospects of the sale of your property. If anything the chances of your property getting a buyer will be higher so you might be able to sell sooner and quite easily. 

  1. From which company should I get my Solar plant installed?

Renevik. Not because we are saying it, you should choose Renevik because thousands of other customers just like you are choosing us.


Solar adds value to your property which leads to improved chances of getting better rates for your property. The chances are you might find a buyer easily and sooner than a regular property. Get solar today for value addition to your property. 

Don’t let any fear hold you back from saving the planet. The solar installation you do at your property will be a major step by you and Renevik towards saving our beloved planet. Still worried about something? Get in touch and we will figure out all the answers for you!