Will I still receive an electricity bill if I have solar panels?

Should you get solar? Are you finally fed up with your electricity bills that keep on rising each and every day? What happens to your electricity bill after solar? It can be quite confusing especially when electricity bills and costs are involved. Solar companies in Rajkot may not be able to explain the details for it well but you don’t need to worry at all, because we will break it down into simpler terms for you today.

How does solar work?

Let’s start with something very basic then. What does solar do? Why should you get solar? Which solar companies in Rajkot are good? Well, solar is a source of energy. Solar panels installed on your roof harvest energy from the rays of the sun. The energy generated is then converted into power that can allow you to light up your entire house. It allows you to smoothly charge your devices, watch TV, enjoy your AC, charge your electric vehicles, and so much more! So does this mean that no electricity bill anymore? Well, the answer is yes and no both. And, finally, the best solar company in Rajkot would undoubtedly be your own Renevik!

Net metering

Net metering is a simple mechanism that calculates how much electricity you consumed and out of that how much was from solar. Now you might be running a surplus or shortage over here. Accordingly, your electricity bill will be adjusted. The rates for surplus might vary but they count as your surplus and can be redeemed against the electricity that you might use. 

Let’s take some numbers to understand this. If we assume that your monthly electricity usage is 100 units, and your solar generates 105 units, then instead of receiving an electricity bill you will earn money for those 5 units! Yes, however unbelievable it sounds it is completely true.

In case your electricity usage is of 500 units, and your solar generates 400 units, then you will receive a bill only for the 100 units. Imagine using 500 units and having to pay only for 100 units! Can it get any better?

In effect, your electricity bills will come down greatly once you install solar. Renevik has seen cases where users not only started saving on their electricity bills but started earning from the excess energy generated by solar. You can make calculations and get your solar installation done very strategically. This is a major reason why out of all the solar companies in Rajkot you should only pick Renevik, we will support you at each and every step of the process.

Why do I still get an electricity bill if I am only using solar power?

This could be mainly because the energy generated by solar may fluctuate according to the season. Whenever your energy consumption rises while solar power generation is constant, you might incur charges on your bill.

Even if you are only using the amount of power generated by solar, the service providers might still charge you for the infrastructure they have set up to provide you with their electricity. However, these fees are generally low, and the main expense in your electricity bills would always be your electricity consumption.


Long story short, you might receive an electricity bill even after installing solar, however, that amount will come down drastically. The electricity charges might be negligible. You will notice from the start how solar becomes a major source of savings in your monthly costs.

You can also plan according to your energy usage and get your solar installation done suitably by consulting with Renevik solar expert. You just need to fill out this form to get in touch.