Are transparent Solar Panels the next big thing?

Which solar panels are best? Which is the best solar energy company in Rajkot? If solar piques your curiosity, you have landed at the right place. We at Renevik are committed to not only creating an impact towards climate change but also towards giving the best product to our customers. We always keep an eye out for all the innovations and possibilities in the field of solar energy.

And one major update in recent times has been the innovation taking place around the ‘photovoltaic glass’ technology. In simpler words, transparent solar panels. Yes, imagine how beautiful and easy it would become to save the earth! You can have all your windows and exterior glass fittings replaced by the photovoltaic glass without compromising on your aesthetics!

What is Photovoltaic glass or PV glass?

Photovoltaic glass is also popularly known as PV glass. This technology enables the conversion of solar rays into electricity through transparent semiconductor-based photovoltaic cells which are placed between two sheets of glass. And voila, you generate solar energy without any obstructive solar panels that we use currently. Sounds too good, right?

We should bear in mind that this technology is still in a very nascent stage at this point in time. There are new discoveries and innovations taking place each day. However, as the best solar energy company in Rajkot, we want to share a few futuristic updates every once in a while. So today we bring you some highlights from the developments taking place around ‘photovoltaic glass.’

  • Solar panels of the new age
  • Solar efficiency
  • Solar possibilities

Let’s dive deeper into each of these to find out how the future looks!

Solar Panels of the New Age

So the concept of transparent solar angels does not exist on paper only. These have already been installed and experimented with at Copenhagen International School, Michigan State University, and a few other places. These places have started generating solar energy equivalent to half of their total usage which is a very good start.

Solar Efficiency

One of the major tradeoffs right now is between efficiency and transparency. Regular solar panels are quite efficient, even more so when you choose the best solar energy company in Rajkot – Renevik. While the new panels have far better visual transparency. Scientists are working towards closing this gap to make solar panels even more attractive going ahead.

Solar Possibilities

If we manage to crack the technology of photovoltaic glass, solar panels can become even more convenient. Imagine solar panels replacing your normal windows, your car’s front shield, your sunroof, and so much more, the possibilities are just endless!


  1. Can I install a transparent solar panel?

At this point, you can’t. The photovoltaic glass technology is still under development and it will take at least a few years before it can be commercialised.

  1. How can I get Solar Panels installed?

The process is very simple, you have to fill out this form and the best solar energy company in Rajkot will give you a free site visit!

  1. Which is the best solar panel?

You should not only ask about the best solar panels but also about the best installation methods. This is why you should contact Renevik, we are the best solar energy company in Rajkot and we use world-class panels and installation methods.


Solar panels which are transparent sure sound fantastic, though we should remember it is still being worked upon by scientists. For now, as a responsible individual what you can do to save the planet is contact the best solar energy company in Rajkot to get your solar installation done in no time.

Solar Energy is constantly being researched by scientists and new innovations are emerging at regular intervals. At Renevik we are excited to welcome all the new technology that gets appropriate safety approvals from the government. So to get the latest and best quality solar panels of the day installed, you should fill out this form right now!