Diwali and solar panel maintenance

How to protect solar panels? Worried about the maintenance of solar panels? With Diwali around the corner, your solar panels are bound to get dirty. And this might cause several problems later on. Ordinary companies might not care about this, but the best solar energy company in Rajkot does. So Renevik is here with an article that gives you the maintenance checklist for this festive season!

Diwali is an annual festival where people burst firecrackers on a massive scale in India. Due to this, the air pollution shoots up. The amount of dust in the air rises exponentially. To add to this, bits and pieces of firecrackers also get scattered everywhere, even on terraces and solar panels.

If this dust and particles are left unattended for a longer period, it can cause severe damage to your solar panels. The performance of your panels might drop and we don’t want this to happen. We want your panels to function at optimal levels because as the best solar energy company in Rajkot, we have installed a very high-quality and high-performance solar plant at your place. The only solution is to clean up your panels as soon as possible. You can follow these steps to protect your solar panels from harm after Diwali:

  • Regular Solar Cleaning
  • Timely Solar Cleaning
  • Use glass cleaners
  • Check for any damage

Regular Solar Cleaning

First things first, Diwali or no Diwali, you should be cleaning your solar panels at regular intervals. Even on a daily basis, the panels might be covered under dust due to usual air pollution, any construction activity nearby, or because of bird dropping. So make it a point to maintain your solar panel throughout the year at regular intervals. This is very crucial for the optimum performance of your panels across seasons.

Timely Solar Cleaning

Coming to Diwali, cleaning the panels in a timely fashion becomes very crucial. You should clean the panels as soon as possible post-Diwali. This ensures that the film of dust does not get settled on the panels. If the dust gets settled, it might become difficult to clean it off later. So better to clean off the panels while it would still be easy to wipe it off.

Use glass cleaners

The most effective and easiest way to clean solar panels is to clean them like you would clean glass. You can use similar equipment like colin and cloth. If possible, you should use a microfibre cloth to clean the panels without leaving smudge marks.

Check for any damage

When you are cleaning your solar panels, you should check for any visible damage to the panels. If you see any such damage, you should immediately alert your installer. If you are a Renevik customer, you should not be worried because we will respond to and address your query at the earliest possible timeline. Over the years we have earned the tag of best solar service company in Rajkot as a result of our persistent efforts towards providing the best quality of service for all our customers.


  1. Will my solar panel get damaged due to Diwali?

There are minuscule chances of any major damage to solar panels due to Diwali. However, we believe prevention is better than cure, hence we have outlined various ways to protect your solar panels in this article.

  1. How to ensure the safety of solar panels during Diwali?

Apart from cleaning up later on, something you can do before Diwali to protect your panels is to cover them up well so as to avoid dust and firecrackers falling on them.

  1. How to maintain solar panels?

Maintenance of solar panels is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is clean it at regular intervals like you clean glass in your house. Alternatively, you can contact the best solar AMC company in Rajkot, your own Renevik.