Hacks to get more output from solar panels

Planning to go solar? If you are getting solar then you might want to optimise it to get the best possible results. Solar installation has become the need of the hour considering the pollution as well as the cost of electricity. So when you get solar you might want to get the most out of your investment. So why get anything less than the best solar rooftop?

Sometimes, despite installing solar, people remain dissatisfied with the results due to a lapse either on the user side or on the installer side. At Renevik we want to empower consumers through knowledge, so we keep releasing new articles on our website on topics related to solar. This has made us the No. 1 in Solar Energy in Rajkot.

Coming back to saving more with solar, the good news is that there are a few easy hacks which will help you derive more output from your solar installation. And yes, solar panel maintenance is obviously a very important factor in improving your yield. It is very important to maintain your solar installation at regular intervals, right from cleaning to servicing it. However, today we will focus on some lesser-known hacks that can help you.

Top 3 hacks to save more with solar power

  • Solar Panels of good quality
  • Solar Installation from a trusted installer
  • Solar Panel position and angle

“When you get good quality solar panels, install them in the right way, and get the best solar energy company to complete the installation, you can increase your solar output and save a lot more.”

There are of course many other ways in which you should be able to get more output, however, for this article, we will focus on these three only.

1. Solar Panels of good quality

We cannot stress enough on this. If you are looking to save with solar, it’s imperative to get the best solar panels. Higher the quality of your solar panels, the better equipped they will be to harvest solar energy. Now, this should not even be a question, all companies should be giving the best panel without the customers even asking for it. However, that is not really the case. A lot of solar energy companies try to increase their profits by providing below-par solar panels to customers. This is why Renevik has emerged as the best solar energy company in Rajkot. We do not wait nor do we behave selectively when it comes to using quality solar panels.

2. Solar Installation from a trusted installer

A trusted solar company will make sure that your installation is set for peak efficiency. Ideally, you should check the installer’s background and past projects as well to ensure they have experience and a good reputation. We have been consistently scoring high on this front among all our customers, which is how we get our tag of being the best solar energy company.

3. Solar Panel position and angle

When installing your solar panel, you need to place it in a way that is neither under shade nor under other structures. Your solar panels should be installed in an open area where sunlight can fall on them directly. To make it even better, you should place it at an angle where it can harvest the maximum rays of the sun. This again depends on who is installing the solar plant for you. If you have chosen Renevik – the best solar energy company in Rajkot, then you need not worry about these things. It becomes our responsibility to work it out for you.

Worried about costs?

A solar subsidy is available to individuals for solar installations at their residences. However, this is subject to government rules and regulations which may keep changing. So you may want to check them once.


    If you are planning to go solar, you might want to do it now. The sooner you get solar the sooner you start saving! Getting solar has helped many families save on their electricity bills, they are now able to spend that money on themselves instead of having to pay big fat bills.

    You can increase your solar output and save a lot more if you get good-quality solar panels, install them correctly, and hire the best solar energy company to do the installation. Sounds lucrative enough? Get in touch with the best solar energy company in Rajkot – Renevik, and you will get a completely free site visit!