How does Solar energy work? A step-by-step guide.

Are you planning to get solar installed? Curious about how solar works? Looking for the best solar company in Rajkot? Well, you might have many questions about solar, so we are here to answer them all for you. 

We know getting solar could be a big step for you. And you might want to know how exactly this technology works. It is always a good idea to understand how something works before buying it outright. Solar energy is quite fascinating, so irrespective of whether you want to get solar installed or not, this blog will add a lot to your knowledge. Today, we will take you through each stage in the process of solar energy generation. 

Solar Energy for beginners

Solar is a wonderful technology that works on the simple principle of harnessing the sun’s energy to generate energy. In a quite basic sense, when you use solar energy, sunlight is literally what is charging up your home – your Ac, fridge, TV, fan, tube lights, all of it! Sounds good and simple, right? However, a lot of technology goes on behind the scenes. This is where the best solar company in Rajkot steps in. We, at Renevik, have been working on optimising the behind-the-scenes process to make solar energy more and more efficient for you.

A step-by-step guide

Solar Step 1 – Solar rays

Sunlight falling on the solar panels is the point from which the energy generation journey of solar begins. For optimal harvest right from this stage, Renevik sources solar panels for you only from the best solar panel company.

Solar Step 2 – Solar Current

Cells in the semiconductor wafer receive sunlight which causes the cells to energise and eventually create an electrical current.

Solar Step 3 – Solar Conversion

This electric current has generated electricity, however, it is a Direct Current (DC) which can’t be used in our homes. So the inverted converts this electricity into Alternating Current (AC).

Solar Step 4 – Solar Home

Now the electricity is ready and whenever you turn any device or switch on, you will receive this electricity. Sunlight to mobile charging, isn’t that wonderful!

Solar Step 5 – Solar Meter

Your meter will measure the net energy usage, which is nothing but a simple measurement of how much energy you consumed minus how much of it was solar generated. So in the end you will only be paying the bill for the remaining very few units if any.

All these steps are indicative to help explain the core process of solar energy power generation. We also want to make you aware through this article about the importance of using good quality solar products and the importance of hiring no less than the best solar EPC company – your very own Renevik.

When you get a mediocre installation done, it still costs you a lot and you do not even get adequate power output from it. To get a value-for-money solar installation at your place, your number one choice should be the best solar energy company in RajkotRenevik!


  1. Is solar safe?

Installation and operation of solar are really very very safe. Safety isn’t something you should be worrying about when it comes to solar. Renevik will always guide you towards the best installation and maintenance standards of safety. Such practices have helped us earn the tag of the best solar service company in Rajkot.

  1. How to get solar installed?

It’s really simple, you just give us a call or fill up this form and that’s literally it! Once you get in touch with us, we take care of the entire process for you. We keep you in the loop throughout using our smart and proprietary ERP system which constantly keeps updating you.

  1. Will I save on my electricity bills with solar?

Undoubtedly you will. You will not only save on your electricity bill but you will save big on your electricity bill. Your solar savings will allow you to spend that money somewhere else for your pleasure.


Solar energy has become the need of the hour. It has become to educate ourselves about how it actually works to start adapting it with the least hesitations. The process of harvesting sunlight and creating solar energy is divided into several stages, the interaction of sunlight and the solar panel being the first while DC power being converted to AC being the last. 

If you are considering getting solar, you are already thinking in the right direction. To make the best decision for yourself, you should consult Renevik today. We can together figure out what kind of installation will work out best for you. 
What are you waiting for then? Pick up your phone and call the best solar energy company in Rajkot right away!