What is Supafast Solar?

Looking for the best solar companies in Rajkot? Want to get solar superfast? Wondering about what is Supafast Solar? Well, in today’s article we will tell you all about superfast solar and our special offering Supafast.

Supafast is our promise to you. We started our journey with the mission of saving the planet, and we want to speed up this process. We are already late in saving the planet, so there is no time left to waste. However, we also want to give the best quality of service to our customers. So on this journey of becoming the best solar company in Rajkot, we came up with the innovation of Supafast. This promise of Supafast has various implications. 

We make this promise to each and every customer of ours. With the Supafast promise, we assure you of speedy processing and installations. Though this is only one aspect of our promise. Supafast is a whole approach that we follow for the benefit of our customers. Let’s take a look at some other ways in which we deliver on our Supafast promise: 

3 Advantages of Supafast:

  • Supafast Solar
  • Supafast Service
  • Supafast Savings

Supafast Solar: This is the most integral part of our promise. A lot of times people want to get solar but they avoid it simply because they don’t want to get into the whole elaborate process which can often be a mess. Renevik is known as the best solar company in Rajkot because we are probably the only company that not only believes in delivering good quality but in delivering good quality at lightning speed. 

Once you contact us and confirm your order, we will start processing your solar installation right from that moment. We will get the entire setup done in very little time while ensuring you don’t face any inconveniences. 

Supafast Service: If you like responsive team that gives service when you actually need it, you will love Renevik. Our service doesn’t change even after the installation. So no matter at what stage you are, whether awaiting installation or the installation was done at your place five years ago, we give equal priority to all our customers. 

Our team strictly follows the Supafast resolution method to solve all the queries that come our way. This will ease your burden of having to complain and keep inquiring about the status of your complaint. We don’t want to be only named the best solar company in Rajkot, we also want our customers to feel that we are the best solar company in Rajkot

Supafast Saving: We not only believe in giving the best service, but we also strive to give you the best product. So with Renevik solar installation in place, your saving will start Supafast and rocket in no time. Our product ensures smooth performance and durability for all our customers. 

We hope now you understand not only the meaning but also the value of Supafast Solar. With Renevik, anything is possible.


  1. Where can I get Supafast Solar?

Renevik. You can simply visit our website and fill out the contact us form to book your free site visit or you can directly book your Supafast Solar. 

  1. Is Supafast Solar a paid service?

Surprisingly no. We provide Supafast Solar free of cost to all our customers. We do not charge anything extra for the Supafast service. You should also read about our Fixed Price policy to learn about how we never charge extra from any of our customers. 

  1. How is Supafast Solar different from normal solar?

Normal solar is where you have to wait and the process of installation goes on without any end in sight. Supafast Solar is a Renevik promise, a company that proudly carries the tag of the best solar company in Rajkot


Supafast Solar is an unmatched service exclusively offered by Renevik to all its customers. It is a promise of installing the solar setup at the earliest at your place, without wasting any time, at a super fast speed. 

Supafast offering extends beyond the installation as well. It ensures that you get smooth service and savings right from day one. We ensure this by providing higher quality products and training our staff to resolve your queries quickly. 
Curious to know more about Supafast Solar? How about you fill out this tiny little form for us? We will contact you to give you all the information as well as offer you a free site visit.